WELCOME Arrow-Minded People!

Where to start???? I decided to try out blogging with a push from a few people that believe in me so here goes nothing!

When trying to come up with the name of my blog it was super easy to know it had to have something to do with Kacey Musgraves and her song “Follow your arrow” since that is my motto in life! If you haven’t heard her song you need to hear it! I am a huge fan of hers! I’ve been to 3 of her concerts in the  past few years and got to go to a meet and greet once! I was in heaven!!! My dream is to actually get to hang out with her for more than 5 seconds (just long enough to pose for a picture). One of these days….


So some people might say I am obsessed but the first time I heard “Follow your arrow” I knew that was going to be MY SONG! I even got a tattoo.


Anyways, back to the blog…. so things I really enjoy in life are family, fashion, makeup, exercise, healthy living and helping others in all those aspects! I want to see others succeed in whatever they are trying to do! Which is why I have chosen to be a part of a few careers that in the end are helping women and even men be their best self using all natural (good for you) products! So I hope to be able to use this blog to give ideas, share tips and hear from you how you are doing with life in general.

Much love,




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