My Arrow leads to these products!

I think I will start doing occasional posts about products that I am loving right now! I love to try new things, whether its retail or direct sales purchases.  I love to support my guys and gals in direct sales since I’m one in the same! If you know someone that is a representative for any products I feature, please contact them to place your order!


First favorite is Young Living’s Cool Azul! This is a pain relief cream and with my bad back, it is much needed ALOT!! It has that cooling feeling and smells AMAZING!!

Second is Joico’s Hair Shake! My hair stylist turned me on to this because it’s a favorite of hers.  Since I have thin hair, I need something that will give me some body and not have my hair stuck to my head or just flat.  This stuff does such a good job and giving that texture without making it look gross.  If you do want to purchase some, I would highly suggest getting it from your hair stylist because then you know you are getting the best and authentic product.  Some drugstores aren’t the top quality products that you get from a salon.


And lastly, Younique’s NEW Eye shadow Palette. This particular palette is #4!  When I was at convention in August and saw this one, I knew I had to have it! It will complement my blue eyes so well! The pigmentation is amazing and such great colors to choose from! The only problem with it is having to choose which colors to use every day.

Hope if you use these products that you will love them as much as I do!

Until next time,

xoxo Dana



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