Grocery pickup review

Lets start with Walmart Grocery pickup. I tried it when it first started and didn’t have a great experience.  When I got home I realized that some items were missing so I called and they wanted me to come back the next day to get them. Well when I got there, the person helping me seemed very confused and couldn’t find the item.  It was around Halloween and the missing item was Halloween candy. I needed that candy for my trick-or-treaters! They ended up giving me something and I went on my way. I would suggest not getting seasonal items like that through the pickup service since it’s limited quantities.

It was a while before I decided to try them again but I’m glad I did because it has made life so much easier. I was able to tell them I’m on my way and as soon as I pulled up here came the guy with my stuff. Saved me hours of wandering around the store, picking up items I don’t NEED and saving me some money! They also gave me a cute goody bag! Now I haven’t really used half of what was in there but it’s a nice gesture!


One suggestions I have for Walmart is to add a feature when ordering online to add a note by the item.  Just the other day I added banana’s to my order and only received one or got a 4 count of avocados and they are all soft. I would have loved 2 firm and 2 soft. So those are the kind of things that’d be nice to be able to note for the person picking out the items.

I absolutely LOVE H-E-B!!! It is by far my favorite grocery store around this area! They got the curbside service not too long after Walmart but the only store location that it started in was WAY out of my way. I ended up trying it just to see if it’s worth the drive. I will give it to HEB that they DO have the feature to add notes to the items. They also gave me a little snack to munch on while I waited on my stuff. I did wait a little longer for them to bring out my stuff than I have at Walmart but we will chalk that up to it being new. I haven’t tried it since then because of the inconvenience.  I have heard that one of the stores closer is about to start so I will definitely give it a shot again!